UPDATE - PLEASE HELP US IDENTIFY - Police Seeking Person to Identify. He is described as possibly being of Asian decent approximately 5'2" - 5'5", slender with dark hair

  • Oct 23/08 - Please Help Us Identify New Persons of Interest

    Dylan McGillis was swarmed and savagely murdered in an unprovoked attack while walking down Whyte Ave. in Edmonton, AB early Sunday morning November, 19th 2006. We have started this site to try to bring an end to this senseless violence. We believe that the Canadian criminal justice system is in dire need of a complete overhaul. Everything from young offenders to weapon offences to criminal sentencing must be drastically altered. We are urgently requesting the families and friends of past and possible future victims to join us in this battle.

    Please contact us via personal e-mail or discussion board with your personal experiences, suggestions, and comments. We must band together as a community to return the streets of this country to its decent law-abiding citizens. This cannot be done alone. Please join us so your family may never have to experience this pain. We cannot bring Dylan back but we feel we must try to prevent these types of tragedies from occurring in the future. 

    PLEASE JOIN US IN OUR Don't You Let Another Neighbor die CRUSADE!  
  • Petition

    Along with many other victims' families, we have decided to continue collecting signatures for Dylan's petition until the government makes the required changes to our laws.  We will still submit our initial batch of petitions to Ottawa in mid-April, but ask that you keep circulating them so we can keep presenting them on an on-going basis.  Only if enough Concerned Canadians send this message to Ottawa, can we stop these senseless murders.  Please support this cause.........we don't know who will be next!

    The families of Dylan Cole McGillis would appreciate everyone printing, signing and circulating the petition listed below, to as many people as possible, or by directing others to our website so that they may do the same.   Once the petition has been completed, we would ask that the original, signed petitions be forwarded to: D.Y.L.A.N.Box 276, Neilburg, SK  S0M 2C0.

    We realize that postage costs may become prohibitive for some people; therefore, at point of mailing, please let your local postmaster know that you would like to send it "Collect on Delivery".  You will be charged for the original cost of mail, however, once we receive it, we will cover those costs and Canada Post will reimburse you. Thank you so much for your support, it's never too late to make a difference....

    Note:  There is no minimum age requirement to sign this petition; however, you must be a Canadian citizen.

    Petition Form - Click Here (PDF)

    If it is your intention is to place this petition in a business, we ask that you print a copy of the poster below to accompany it.

    Poster - Click Here (PDF)


    To get in contact with us, e-mail us at: Dylan.McGillis@sasktel.net

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